Awakenings is a collection of poems that shares my journey through my perception of darkness, to a much deeper place of self-awareness, acceptance, understanding and love. It features 100+ poems, and  12 vibrant, full-color drawings by the very dope artists, Shaylah Brown and Jackie Goneze, whom I’m also blessed to call my sister- friends.

Awakenings is more than just a literary work— it is an experience. It challenges you:

To get “unstuck.”

To get out of that rut, that dark hole, that depression, or that anxiety and just LIVE.

To face your inner demons weighing you down daily.

To be intentional about every day, every desire, every relationship and every dream.

To remember your intrinsically divine purpose, answer your calling, and walk boldly with faith and assurance.

I hope you all will embark on this journey with me, as we lay our old selves to rest and embrace our newly awakened, more healed, more whole selves.

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Awakenings: A book of poetry (Ebook) – $9.99



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Sometimes you just need a visual reminder of who you are. This Awakenings: Poetry x Empowerment collection was created for that exact reason! Inspired by my book of poetry, Awakenings, my mission is simply to promote self-love and awaken men and women to their innate royalty. May this be the place where poetry and empowerment meet.

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