Would you like to book me for your next event or 1-on-1 coaching service? Simply fill out this short BOOKING REQUEST form below. I would love to hear from you! I am currently booking from now through December 2020. My services are as follows:

  • Dancer


Are you looking for someone to dance at your conference, church service, birthday, wedding or other special event? I specialize in Liturgical/praise dance. However, if you prefer an alternate style of dance, please be sure to include that in your request form. *Please also include any specific song requests.

  • Choreographer


Do you need a choreographer for your dance workshop, wedding, or music video? I specialize in Liturgical/praise dance. If you prefer another dance style, please be sure to indicate this when completing the booking request form. In addition, please include the number of dancers you would like me to work with.

  • Dance Instructor


Are you looking for a dance instructor for your wellness event, workshop, wedding or private party? I specialize in Liturgical/praise dance. However, if you prefer a different style, feel free to note that in your request form. Please be sure to include the approximate amount of participants as well. I am also available for private lessons, virtual sessions and private parties.

  • Workshop Facilitator


Are you in need of a workshop facilitator? I specialize in curating unique, meaningful and intimate spaces. I understand the importance having a safe and empowering space for attendees to really get the change they came for. Whether it is a wellness workshop, dance workshop, (book) writing workshop or faith-based workshop, every participant deserves to feel welcome, seen and transformed. Book me to lead a life-changing workshop for your conference, church, or school today!

  • Empowerment & Activation Speaker


Do you need a versatile and empowering speaker for your next event? My diverse psychology, teaching, poetry, dance and ministry background, paired with my vibrant personality has given me the unique experience needed to enact real and lasting change in attendees. My speaking style  activates listeners to take the next steps in transforming their lives— NOW!

My specialties include:

-Finding & Walking in your Purpose

-Freedom in Mind, Body & Spirit

-Mental Health/Healing from Anxiety & Depression

-Self-Publishing Your First Book

However, if you’d like me to speak on a different topic not listed, simply indicate that on the booking request form.

  • #BookBreakthrough Coach


Have you ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to begin? If so, schedule a #BookBreakthrough Call today! In this 90-minute session, we will work 1-on-1 to help you gain clarity on:

-Identifying & navigating any fears, obstacles or limiting mindsets that have been blocking you from publishing your book

-Your personal book writing/publishing process

-Creating feasible deadlines

-Determining your target audience

-Creating a preliminary marketing/promotional plan

-Determining your long and short term goals for your book

*This #BookBreakthrough call is designed specifically for those who desire to go the self-publishing route.

  • Freedom Coach


If you’re seeking FREEDOM in mind, body and spirit? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you feel as though there is more for you in this life that you can’t seem to access, you may just need a little push, direction, accountability and some actionable steps from The Freedom Catalyst.

As a Freedom Coach, my mission is to help you activate your inner power so that you may LIVE boldly in your purpose—NOW! No matter your current season, you are worthy and capable of living abundantly and freely—let me show you how!

I and my work have been referred to as “raw, real and relatable.” I am not here to merely inspire you, but to (lovingly) challenge you to actually, and authentically live your best life. Your breakthrough in mind, body and spirit lies right on the other side of fear. DON’T LET FEAR WIN—BOOK YOUR CATALYST CALL TODAY!

  • Creative Consultation


Are you FULL with amazing ideas but having trouble implementing them? That’s where I come in! During our 60-min Creative Consultation Call, we will get clarity on your creative vision and work out the next steps to bring your amazing ideas to life! Whether it is clarifying your brand aesthetic, planning a photoshoot or solidifying the theme/creative aspects of your next event, I will help you get that creative clarity you need!

  • Freelance Model, Influencer or Brand Ambassador


If you are looking for someone to model your clothing, shoes or product, please feel free to contact me.

  • Freelance Editor


If you are in the process of self-publishing your book and in need of  an Editor, look no further! I am also available to edit your blog and even website content!


*Please be sure to be as detailed as possible so that I may be able to best serve you! If there is a space on the Booking/Collaboration Request Form that does not apply to you, do not leave it blank— simply type in “N/A.” 

Booking/Collaboration Request Form:





*Please be advised that completion of this form is NOT a confirmation of or an agreement to participation. There will be a follow up email to discuss acceptance (or lack thereof) and the next steps. Only request forms completed in its entirety will be reviewed and considered. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 48-72 hours for an email response. 

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