Awakenings Unlimited, LLC

Welcome to Awakenings Unlimited, LLC!

Our new site is currently under construction, but in the meantime, here’s a little bit about us:

Whitney founded Awakenings Unlimited, LLC (AU) with the desire to help unlock, ignite and restore millenial women. The mission of AU is to awaken millenial Christian women to their God-given freedom in mind, body and spirit so that they may flow unrestrained in their purpose.

AU offers transformational services & resources, such as:

1:1 Freedom coaching

Private dance sessions (Virtual & In-person)

Group liturgical dance workshops

Weekly inspirational newsletters

Empowering & informative videos

Books & apparel

Worship Flags (by Catch the Fire Worship Flags)

Live events & more!

We are excited to partner with you in unlocking your unique path to purpose!

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