About Me

I am woman.

I am strength personified, with magic in my eyes, melanin that glows, and jiggle in my thighs.

I am imperfect in so many ways, and yet, I represent the space where ordinary and extraordinary combine.

Human and divine.

I am simple yet complex,

Intellectual and creative,

Faithful and logical,

I am both rational and irrational– some may say that doesn’t make sense.

I am a dancer and a speaker,

An author and a teacher

I am a dream chaser.


I am (finally) a primary investor: in ME.


I sow seeds; I am a believer.

I believe in uplifting my sisters, raising up my fellow man.

Call it naive if you must, but I believe we ALL can win.

I am the voice of those who feel they can’t,

I am the voice that whispers, “you can!”

Yes, I am the voice that compels others to raise theirs. Loudly.

I am curvy, confident and curly headed.

I am caring, compassionate and creative.

I am fearful at times, yet fear less.

I am uniquely made; I am eclectic.


I am enough (as I am, and as I grow).


Forgiveness is my weapon of choice, coming second only to my voice.

I am a faith walker, big talker

Unafraid and unashamed to speak of how GREAT He is.

I speak life,

With effervescence dripping from my pores,

Undeniable radiance beaming through every door He opens for me

I am a defeatist– reborn

Into grace,

Transformed by faith, armored with His word

Gifted with movement,

These very limbs, once tired and worn

Now adorned with power and favor.

Truth speaker, light seeker, servant leader

I am Whitney McNulty,

And you are welcome here.


Whitney McNulty is an author, empowerment speaker, freedom coach & mental health advocate on a mission to help you kickstart your dreams, activate your power and LIVE boldly in your purpose NOW. She specializes in workshop facilitation, mastering freedom in mind, body & soul and is known for fiercely pulling men & women out of their comfort zones. Her book of poetry, Awakenings is more than a literary work– it is a call to action. Awakenings dares you to look beyond your own perception of darkness in order to live a healthier, more ABUNDANT life. By sharing her story, she hopes to encourage others to actively seek self-acceptance, tend to their spiritual needs and choose not to just exist but THRIVE. Whitney is currently a dual youth ministry leader, holds a M.A. in General/Experimental Psychology, has training in Applied Behavior Analysis, is founder of the #WorshipWithWhit Liturgical Dance Class in NYC and Creative Director/Editor in Chief for MindfullyMOTIV8. Her second book of poetry, ALIVE will be out this summer 2018.