Event Recap: #WorshipWithWhit DC


That was the word most commonly used to describe my very first #WorshipWithWhit liturgical dance workshop held in Washington, D.C.

It’s been a whole 3 days since hosting that event, and I am still in awe of how amazing God is.

A few months ago, I felt it in my spirit to host an event out in D.C. However, my faith wasn’t great enough to do so yet. I spent days and weeks wondering how I would get there, who would even come, and if it was the right time. I was overcome with doubt, so I changed my original idea and decided I should just host another REAWAKEN workshop like I did back in October in Los Angeles. After all, that was successful so it should work itself out again right?


Because here’s the thing about alignment: it can’t be faked or forced. 

My personal motto is “if it doesn’t flow, let it go,” and let me tell you the “flow” and peace we’re simply not there. So finally, after several weeks of going back and forth between faith & doubt, encouragement from friends, and tons of prayers, I decided to suck it up and trust the vision. Thus, #WorshipWithWhit DC was birthed.

On March 24th, in Studio 3 of Dance Loft 14 chains were broken. Fears & shame clung to so tightly for years was released. Comfort zones were challenged and lots of hugs were shared.

If I were to write it all out, you’d be here for days reading, so I figured why not just record a recap instead! If you want the scoop on what actually happened during this transformative dance workshop, watch my latest video up on my YouTube page soon! (P.S. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!)

But if you just can’t wait to hear about it, here’s a sneak peek at the routine I taught, to the song, “Craving” by Tye Tribbett.


To my six ladies who dared to share this space with me: I love you, I thank you and I am so proud of you. Our lives will never be the same.


Light + love,



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