7 Tips for More Radiant Skin

I know, skin can be such a sensitive topic. Especially with all the time a lot of us spend on social media, it can be difficult not to look at others seemingly perfect skin and wish ours could glow like that as well.

But here’s the thing: we ALL can have radiant skin, and NO ONE has perfect skin all of the time. (Plus, there’s tons of filters, photoshop and facetune to hide or edit out imperfections that many people in these IG streets use, but I digress.)

If I’ve learned anything in my skincare & self-love journey so far, it would be that we are all unique and not everything is for everyone. We all have to do what is best for US as an individual, and not just buy into the hype. That may takes tons of trial and error, but it’s so worth it once you find what works for you!

For years, I struggled with acne and dark spots, leaving me insecure and anxious to leave the house without makeup. However, in the past couple of years, I have learned to love my skin— as it is and as it clears up! Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about my skin looking radiant (both with and without makeup on). Personally, I’ve always been a fan of simple, so here’s 7 simple tips for radiant skin that works for me

1. Keep a consistent routine


In general, consistency is necessary in order to see real results and lasting changes. I believe the same is true with our skin. If we switch up our routine every day, it will be pretty difficult to determine what is or isn’t working. So choose one routine and stick with it! My skin is in no way perfect, but I have become much more intentional about how I care for it. Everyday, I always make sure to wash my face in the morning & night (I NEVER sleep in my makeup), moisturize, and treat with a mask weekly (or when I need some extra self-care!) For more information on the products I generally use and alternate between, see tip #5!

2. Stress less!

Stress can not only have an impact on our mind but on our bodies as well. One way I can always tell I’m overwhelmed or stressing too much is by my skin and hair. My hair gets very dry, more difficult to manage and sometimes starts falling out. My skin on the other hand starts to develop way more breakouts than usual and also gets very dry as well. One way I combat stress in order to maintain glowing skin is by meditating often. Even if it is just taking a couple minutes to stop and pray or breathe mindfully, meditating more often has definitely helped decrease the feeling of overwhelm and ultimately keep clearer skin. For a short poem/mindful breathing audio, feel free to listen to one of my latest YouTube videos, here.

3. Stay hydrated


This water bottle by Saved By Grace, Co. is just the daily inspiration I need to remember that everything, including radiant skin is a process!

Stop being so thirsty! No, but really, quench that thirst honey! Water has so many amazing benefits and can do wonders for our skin. Now I’m not promising you a magical difference in your skin overnight, but I will say it can make quite a difference. Once I began drinking a gallon of water a day (or pretty close to that daily), I saw a significant decrease in breakouts, dryness and dark circles. In addition, my skin began to look (& feel) smoother with more of a natural glow to it, even before using a moisturizer! I also love to add lemon or grapefruit to my water sometimes, especially when I’m in need of a good detox. (*Note: I tend to increase my water intake during my menstrual period as well and have seen a noticeable difference in my skin.) 

4. Eat more mindfully


I never used to think I’d like green smoothies, but I actually LOVE them now. Be sure to try my Green Smoothie Recipe!

The moment I started to be more mindful of what I put in my body, the more I started to realize how much of a role our diet plays in our overall well-being. Eating foods high in sodium, caffeine, oil and sugar too often always shows up first on my face. Once I started incorporating less meat, more greens and tea into my diet daily, I started to see a significant decrease in the amount breakouts I had. Remember: what goes inside matters just as much as what goes on the outside!

5. Use simpler products


I have really been learning to live with a “less is more” mindset lately. This too, applies to my skincare routine. Not only do I try to incorporate fewer products into my daily routine, but I also have been trying (key word: trying)  to use beauty products with less ingredients (and chemicals!) overall. The following is what I typically use/alternate between:

Cleanser: Luminance Skincare Delicate Facial Cleanser and L’OCCITANE Precious Cleansing Foam

Toner/Setting Spray: Luminance Skincare Rosewater Facial Toner, Mario Badescu Skincare Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater, and LIMEGREEN Lavandula Multi-spray (*can also be used as a body spray & linen refresher)

Moisturizer: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, RADIATE by BASE BUTTER (also can use as a primer), Luminance Skincare Deep Hydration Moisturizer and SHINE by BASE BUTTER (*I use moreso on my neck & collarbone)

Highlighter: GLOW by BASE BUTTER

Lip Balm: Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (with Vitamin E & Peppermint) and Lip Balm by MOOR UNLIMITED LLC (contains: Shea butter, beeswax, rose petals, agave, peppermint, vanilla, rosemary, & coconut oil)

Sheet Mask: Warm Honey Nectar Face Sheet Mask

6. Properly nourish your mind, body & soul


Just as what goes on the inside matters, what’s going on on the inside matters as well! When our mind, body and soul are working in alignment, chances are it will show evidently on the outside. All three need to be well nourished daily in order to reap the best results in life, and I believe the same applies to our skin as well. Call me silly if you want, but in addition to what I put into and on my body, I attribute a lot of my newfound glow to true joy & Jesus.🤷🏾‍♀️ However, if you are in need of a more specific checklist to help you stay accountable with your mind, body, & soul wellness, be sure to check out one of my previous posts: “How you doing? A Self-Care Check-in.” 

7. Be patient— ISSA PROCESS!


Life is all about trial & error. Sometimes it will feel like we fail, but that is okay! “Failure” is a part of life, so we might as well embrace it. Watch now: “Get Comfortable With Failing!”

Clearer, radiant skin (like everything else) isn’t a race, it’s a process. At the end of the day, you have to find out what works best for YOU. It may take time to start seeing the lasting changes you desire, but that is okay. Remember, we are trying to stress less. So don’t give yourself one more thing to worry about while giving your skin a strict time frame to clear/brighten up.

BONUS: Go to sleeeeeep! 

If you are anything like me, your sleep pattern is constantly all over the place. I truly struggle with going to bed early and resting in general. But that always shows up on my face as well as other areas in my life. Our bodies were designed to heal and rejuvenate itself, but that cannot happen if we refuse to give it a break to do so. Do yourself a favor and get some REST!


Do you have any tips of your own? Feel free to share in the comments below! Let me know if this was helpful at all and if you have any favorite products/brands that have helped you in your journey to clearer, radiant skin!

Love + light,



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