“I Declare” : A Warrior’s Declaration

We have just entered a new month and with it comes a new chance to begin again. As I enter August, I can’t shake the feeling that my whole life is about to change— in business, in ministry, in my everyday life and even in romance. However, I knew that I could not enter this new realm acting the same. But before my actions could change, I knew my mindset had to change. The way I speak to and of myself had to change. So, here is the declarative statement I wrote. I hope this encourages you to take a few moments today and write your own. There is power in the tongue. What we speak is what becomes. So let’s speak LIFE over ourselves. Here is my Warrior’s Declaration:

This is not a game,
So NO MORE playing small!
No more thinking small.
No more dreaming small.
No more praying small.

I AM who HE says I am.

I AM who I declare I am.

Greater is waiting for me on the other side of fear.

This isn’t about me anymore.
This is about all the souls I’m called to help heal.
This is for all those lost, searching and begging for light and direction.
This is for those in need of love who need to be wrapped tightly in His love.
This is for those who have been broken time and time again, who need to see that the breakthrough is real.
This is for those who don’t/didn’t think they were gonna make it.
This is for those who don’t see a way out.
This is for those that need to learn how to forgive— themselves and others.
This is for those that need a reason to live another day.
This is for those who need to experience worship.
This is for those who need a prayer warrior, a prophetess, a preacher and a poet.
This is for those who’s limbs yearn to move for God.

I am not lacking.
I am not incapable.
I am not unqualified—He has qualified me with His grace.

I am extraordinary.
I am more than a conqueror.
I am a child of God.

He is the author and the finisher.
I am the pen and paper.

I will pray with expectancy—for He has done great things.
I will pray with power—for He is behind and beside me.
I will pray with promise — for I know all things work for the good of those who love the Lord.

I will praise Him with my mind, body and spirit.
I will glorify Him always.
I will let my light shine.

No more dimming myself.
No more hiding.
No more excuses.
Only faith.
Only God.
Only now.

For salvation happens in the present.
Renewal happens in the present.
The magic happens in the present.

And presently, I declare that my time is HERE and NOW.
My breakthrough isn’t coming— it’s currently happening.


That fear has no place here and holds no power over me; I will not give doubt a foothold.

That joy surrounds and abounds in me; love will follow me wherever I go.
I am lacking of nothing; everything I need is within reach and accessible to me.
I am limitless; with Him, all things are possible— the possibilities are endless.
I am abundant; goodness is continuously flowing to and through me.
I am light; no darkness can dim my shine, only magnify its power.
I am powerful; His strength is being renewed in me day by day.
I am anointed; my gifts will make room for me, if I make room for them.

I can and I will.

I am who I am.

I am beginning again.

I am ready.

This time, I am prepared to win.





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