“How you doing?” : A Self- Care Check-In

“How you doing?”

When we hear this phrase, a lot of us probably think of Wendy Williams or maybe even Joey from Friends. Perhaps we even think of a close friend who is always quick to ask us how we’re handling this thing called life. But how often do we actually ask ourselves this question? How often do we set aside time to be introspective and really be honest with ourselves about how we are feeling and why we are feeling that way?

Well, if you’re like me, the answer is definitely not often enough! This past week, once again was pretty hectic for me, and after having a successful book reading event at my church, I finally found the time to acknowledge all I had been “too busy” to feel during the past 7 days. Now I’m not about to delve into all of my feelings and everything I discovered about myself, because let’s be honest: I’d be here for days and could write a whole other book on it!

But for one thing, I was tired: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I honestly wanted to sleep for 3 days straight, but knew that wasn’t about to happen. So when a friend I haven’t seen in awhile asked if I wanted to go to the beach early Saturday morning, I figured that would have to do! After writing on letting go and saying no last week, I decided I needed to honor my feelings once again and simply cancel dance class for Saturday, especially with my teaching partner still away on vacation. I realized, that I did in fact need even a short break as well.


Of course, I’m not saying to cancel your whole life and shirk all your responsibilities & commitments. Nor am I saying to sit on your bed for hours each day to think about your feelings and wallow in them. However, I do think it is very important for our personal growth, health and relationships to have self-care check-ins daily— even if it is just for a few minutes.

So to help you get started, I figured I’d compile a short list of questions you can ask yourself daily (or at least weekly) to check-in on your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health.

Physical Health:


How is my body feeling?

  • Have I stretched/exercised lately?
  • Have I been drinking (enough) water?
  • What have I been eating? Have I been cognizant or careless about what I’m putting in my body?
  • Have I been over exerting myself or expending a lot more energy than usual?
  • What have I done today/this week to treat myself? (i.e. Taking a long bath, drinking herbal tea, going for a walk, deep conditioning hair, facial/mask, trip to the spa, etc)

Mental/Emotional Health:


How am I feeling?

  • Have I been feeling a lot lately or a little? Have I been holding in anything or very expressive & emotional? Why?
  • Have I laughed a lot lately? Have I been crying often? Why?
  • Did anything triggering/traumatic happen this week? Did anything exciting or motivating happen?
  • How stressful or overwhelming has today/this week been?
  • What coping strategies have I been implementing to combat this stress, anxiety or depression? (Are these healthy strategies?)
  • How have I celebrated myself, my small victories or accomplishments today/this week?

Spiritual Health:


How close do I feel to God?

  • Have I prayed much lately? What have I consistently been praying for? (Am I praying & worrying at the same time?)
  • How much time have I spent in worship/praise?
  • Have I had any fellowship time with friends, family or even strangers?
  • How have I served others this week? Do I feel drained or restored afterwards?
  • Have I been moving with an attitude of gratitude?
  • Have I been reading my Bible? Have I been watching/listening to any sermons/inspirational talks?



Have I taken time to breathe today?

As simple of a question this might be, it actually ties into physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Taking time to just breathe or meditate throughout the day can be such a game changer to our mind, body and spirit if we just remember to do it!


“Remember.” An excerpt from my poetry book,  Awakenings.

So today, and this coming week, please remember to breathe.

Remember to take just a few moments, and ask yourself:

“How you doing?”




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