“You are now entering a safe space. A place with honesty and truths. But beware: due to recent repairs, walls may seem more transparent than usual. We may be under construction, But I promise, you will love the renovations.” – Whitney McNulty, an excerpt of “Intro” from Awakenings

Welcome home.

This space is for me. This space is for you. This space is for anyone who ever felt lost, silenced or defeated. It is for anyone ready to embark on a journey of healing, transformation and unraveling— gently and boldly releasing the old, to make way for the new.

New beginnings.

New dreams.

New lifestyles.

New levels.

New awakenings.

New freedom.

If you’re ready to be empowered, take action, access more, live abundantly, grow in your faith and walk unapologetically in your purpose— you’re in the right place! Here you will find:


4 Comments on “Home

  1. Sweet Whitney,
    I love your energy, spirit, and all the positivity you are putting out into the world. I came across your Insta page because I check-in on Alex LaRosa’s page for uplifting, body positive thoughts. Well running across yours was like a “boom” moment. I think I’m a good 20 years older than you, but 5 minutes on your page has inspired me to live more fully. More movement, more expression through the written word, more flattering outfits! Just more. Thanks! I needed this today.


    • Hello Rana!
      So sorry for the delay in response, but thank you so very much! Your comment honestly put the biggest smile on my face! I am so happy that I could encourage and motivate you to make small positive changes in your life! I am proud of you! There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a more full, abundant and unapologetic life! You are so deserving of it. One of my good friends used to always say to me, “You are deserving of the love you so easily give to others,” so that is the message I will leave you with today. Feel free to stay in touch! Light + love.


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